Welcome to Long Live Linux the name pretty much says it all. If your into linux you may find something of interest here and again you may not.

Since you figured out how to get here your probobly all set but I'll go over the controls anyway

ctrl c: This will bring you back to the terminal from any screen.

ls: This command will list the other commands available

up and down arrows: They will cycle through the avalible commands

The Mouse: You don't need that this is about linux after all... Just kidding linux makes great use of the mouse and touchscreens too, you just won't need them here.

For those of you on a mobile device I did make one concession. The red X in the top right of your screen this is your virtual ctrl c, enjoy!

Here you will find articles, once I write some that is.

Use 'ls' to see a list of commands
while true;
echo 'Long Live Linux';